Consultant - Radiological Crime Scene Management
Vienna, Austria
vor 3 Tg.

Organizational Setting

TheDepartment of Nuclear Safety and Security (NS) formulates and implements theIAEA's nuclear safety and security programme, which encompasses the Agency'sactivities to protect people and the environment from radiation exposure andresponds to the needs of its Member States related to nuclear safety andnuclear security.

TheDivision of Nuclear Security (NSNS) is responsible for establishing,coordinating and implementing the IAEA's nuclear security programme to protectagainst, detect and respond to criminal acts or acts of nuclear terrorism andthreats thereof.

NSNS comprises four Sections :

  • Nuclear Security of Materials Outside of Regulatory Control Section
  • Nuclear Security of Materials and Facilities Section
  • Information Management Section
  • Programme Development and International Cooperation Section
  • TheNuclear Security of Materials Outside of Regulatory Control Section (MORC) isresponsible, upon request, to assist States, for activities that assist Statesin establishing and maintaining nuclear security systems and measures for theprevention and detection of, and response to, nuclear and other radioactivematerial outside of regulatory control.

    These activities include developingnuclear security guidance that is consistent with the relevant binding andnon-binding international instruments, as well as providing assistance, uponrequest, to States in implementing the nuclear security framework.

    In additionto the development of nuclear security guidance, the Section conducts theInternational Nuclear Security Security Advisory Service (INSServ) and expertmissions, upon request, to help States to establish and maintain effective nuclearsecurity regimes, provides training activities, develops methodologies, andassists in security upgrades relating to nuclear and radioactive materialdetection and response capabilities.

    The Section implements CoordinatedResearch Projects and technical meetings in the field of nuclear security ofmaterial out of regulatory control, assists Member States in the implementationof nuclear security measures to support Major Public Events, and organizes alarge number of evaluation missions, training courses and workshops, andconvenes technical meetings for methodology development.

    TheCrime Scene Management and Nuclear Forensics Unit is responsible for performingactivities related to development of States' Radiological Crime SceneManagement capabilities and capacities and the planning and implementation ofnuclear forensics capabilities.

    The Unit supports States' efforts to establishnational nuclear forensics laboratories and develop forensic processes andprocedures to support the activities of laboratories.

    The Unit hasresponsibility for the development and review of Nuclear Security Seriespublications dedicated to Radiological Crime Scene Management and NuclearForensics and the development and implementation of training activities basedon that guidance.

    Main Purpose

    Underthe supervision and guidance of the Nuclear Security of Materials Outside ofRegulatory Control Section Head and guidance of the Unit Head, the consultantwill help Crime Scene Management and Nuclear Forensics Section tofacilitate the revision of the implementation guide NSS No 22-G andsupport the implementation of the delivery of Radiological Crime SceneManagement (RCSM) content to Member States, on request, in order to supportMember States to develop and sustain effective and efficient nuclear securityresponse capabilities.

    Inaddition, the Consultant will be responsible for carrying out portions ofcertain implementation activities such as assisting with the preparation anddevelopment of training documentation, the development of training courses, thepreparation and writing of publications such as TECDOC's as requested andfacilitating consultancy meetings.

    Further, he / she will be expected to providesupport to the implementation of actions to support Integrated Nuclear SecuritySupport Plans (INSSP).

    Functions / Key Results Expected

  • Implement a programme to review and revise current Implementation Guidance on Radiological Crime Scene Management NSS 22-G by setting up and facilitating several consultancy meetings centered around specialist areas within guidance and bring feedback together into an initial draft document and subsequent drafts moving forward to a full revision;
  • Organize and facilitate consultancy meetings, as required, in IAEA Radiological Crime Scene Management related subjects, to move forward on several RCSM related projects as directed;
  • Analyze Member States' nuclear security exercising information to help develop input to Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plans (INSSPs) in order to facilitate the structured planning of future nuclear security capability building activities and to assist in the development of products to help meet these needs;
  • Promote Member States' use of Nuclear Security Series Guidance in the Radiological Crime Scene Management related to Nuclear Forensics by ensuring this material is available in all outward facing communications such as NUSEC;
  • Develop novel products to help improve capacity building activities such as the new Advanced Radiological Crime Scene Practitioners course.
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • National Nuclear Security Regimes
  • Project Management

    Training Facilitation

  • Training Design
  • Training Evaluation

  • Analytical Writing Skills
  • Qualifications and Experience

  • University Degree in Nuclear Security related Field, such as Law Enforcement or Counter-Terrorism, or relevant related experience specific to radiological crime scene management and / or response to nuclear security events.
  • Proven experience in the development and implementation of manual or policy writing.
  • Proven experience in security-related activities involving complex hazards.
  • Proven experience in Multi-Agency working environment.
  • Minimum five years of experience in project management, data analysis and technical writing.
  • Remuneration

    Theremuneration for this consultancy is a daily fee of up to a maximum of € 250,based on qualifications and experience. In case duty travel is required withinthe assignment, a daily subsistence allowance (DSA) and travel costs areprovided.

    Health coverage and pension fund are the responsibility of theincumbent.

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